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Electro-Chem has years of experience and expertise offering an array of coatings used in a variety of industries. Our RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) compliant coatings meet stringent quality and safety standards in order to reduce the hazards to both people and the environment. Our coatings utilized for military applications are proven for excellent corrosion resistance and meet all applicable standards. We also offer special anodize and chromate services to maintain critical tolerances or minimize dimensional changes.
Chemical Pre-Finishing:
Vapor Degreaser: Trichloroethylene - used where needed to remove oil based lubricants and solvents from blind holes. Additional charges apply.
Soap: Parts are soaked to remove aqueous lubricants & light oils, unless otherwise specified.
Acid Deoxidizer: Parts are treated to remove minor oxidation, unless otherwise specified.
Caustic Etch: Recommended prior to anodizing. Removes small amount of material and helps satin out the surface appearance.
Additional Services (available upon request)
Critical Tolerances: Parts can be processed to control changes in dimension, such as no dimension change.
Masking/Plugging: Masking as needed to provide grounding contact areas on anodized parts.
Military Certification (MIL-A-8625F Type II Classes 1 and 2 and MIL-DTL-5541F Types I and II Classes 1A and 3): An outside lab performs monthly salt spray and wet tape tests, certifying compliance to MIL, FED and ASTM Standards ($10.00/certification).
Packaging / Shipping: U.P.S. or other delivery or freight services.
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