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Your FAQs Answered

Are you willing to do small jobs or just large commercial jobs?
We take jobs of all sizes and have very reasonable minimum charges.
Can you remove anodizing or chromate conversion coatings?
Yes, we have a process that will chemically strip anodizing or chromate coatings off of aluminum.
Will anodizing cover up scratches or gouges?
Anodizing does not hide or cover surface blemishes, although it may satin the surface appearance some, depending on the alloy.
Can you anodize welded assemblies?
It depends on the part and the desired finish. Any part with seams or overlaps has the potential to entrap chemical solutions resulting in potential acid bleed-out.
What welding rod/wire should I use?
Welds will still be visible, but 5356 alloy is recommended, especially when welding 6000 series aluminum. Fillers high in silicon content will turn a smutty gray when anodized.
Can you anodize parts with steel, stainless, copper or brass inserts?
No. The aluminum anodizing process will attack these foreign materials and may damage the anodic coating around where those materials were.
What do I need to do to prepare parts for processing?
Parts should come to us clean, with any blind holes free of chips, lubricant, coolant, etc.
The surface cosmetics should be as you want your finished part to appear.
Any cavities or enclosed areas need to be adequately vented, rinseable and drainable.
What about racking?
Each part will need to be racked or fixtured to physically hold the part through the multi-step processes and, if being anodized, we will need to make electrical contact to each part. This racking will leave voids in those rack contact areas. We usually try to rack in holes, making these marks much less visible. Let us know if there are certain areas of your part that are more or less cosmetically critical and we will try to rack them accordingly.
How much does it cost?
Costs depend on the desired finish, the size, shape and quantity of parts. We would be happy to provide a quote for your job.
Do you have an Expedite Fee?
We do our best to provide quick turnaround times, without charging extra.
Please contact us to discuss these, or any other questions.